Short Term Rental Strategy Training

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Short Term Rental Strategy Training

Osay Eniya Impacts
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Airbnb has allowed me to work less than 8 hours a week while generating over $145,000 in less than 12 months.

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Airbnb Ebook

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Bases Touch: 

Luxury property management insight, Structuring your business, Taxes, Ways to improve your listings, Locating high-producing properties, Ownership +

What's inside of the E-Book :

  • Scripts
  • Messaging Templates
  • Strategies on how to get bookings before keys
  • How to create an experience for your guests
  • How to remove your credit inquiries and leverage your credit
  • Learn how to research the best income-producing locations
  • How to find the right properties and landlords
  • Learn how to properly manage and automate your business
  • Cost-effective ways of furnishing and decorating your unit
  • Learn how to become a superhost
  • Maintain, Scale, and build
  • Direct access to Osay 1-2 times weekly
  • The Airbnb process and what to consider before starting
  • How to acquire property
  • How to speak to leasing and property managers
  • How to identify the most profitable types of properties
  • How to test your market right away and which markets are best to explore
  • Osay's preferred furniture & decor tips
  • How to list your property
  • How to screen guests and address host concerns while providing top-notch customer service
  • How to get your first booking before you get keys
  • How to avoid damages while protecting yourself
  • Osay's check-in and check-out protocols
  • Osay's recommended cancellation policy for Airbnb host
  • How to handle liability and damage claims
  • Professional cleaning checklist to encourage 5-star reviews
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